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Lab Personnel

Dr. David Erickson David Erickson Principal Invesigator
Ph.D., Bacterial Pathogenesis, University of Calgary, 2003
From Coaldale, Alberta
We study the molecular biology of bacterial interactions with their hosts.
  Michael Olson
PhD Candidate
From Ephraim, UT
Characterizing Escherichia coli strains and their virulence factors needed in mammary glands and avian airway infections

Josh Calder
Undergraduate, Microbiology major 
From Bountiful, UT
Studying an outer membrane lipoprotein involved in Yersinia biofilms 

Nick Petersen
Undergraduate, Microbiology major
From Portland, OR
Investigating growth requirements of E. coli mastitis strains

Grace West
Undergraduate, Microbiology major
From Louisville, KY
Studying avian pathogenic E. coli strains
Aleksander Grimsrud
Undergraduate, Microbiology major
From Apex, NC
Studying genomes of avian and mastitis E. coli strains

Lizzy Gipson
Undergraduate, Microbiology major
From Maple Valley, WA
Studying biofilms and growth patterns of mastitis E. coli strains

If you would like to join the lab, please email Dr. Erickson