Lab Personnel

Dr. David Erickson David Erickson Principal Invesigator
Ph.D., Bacterial Pathogenesis, University of Calgary, 2003
From: Coaldale, Alberta
We study the molecular biology of bacterial interactions with their hosts.
Lauren Johnson
Lauren Johnson Graduate Student
Pursuing a PhD in Microbiology and Molecular Biology
Studying the addition of 4-amino-4-deoxy-L-arabinose to Yersinia LPS as a defense against antimicrobial chemokines. Also studying the effect and mechanism of antimicrobial chemokine binding on bacteria and phagocytic killing by neutrophils. 
Jared Hoffman
Jared Hoffman Graduate Student
Pursuing a Masters in Microbiology and Molecular Biology
From: Simi Valley, CA
Studying a transcriptional antiterminator gene, rfaH, to examine its role on lipopolysaccharide synthesis in Yersinia pestis. Also studying the differences in binding and killing of bacteria by antimicrobial chemokines when this gene is knocked out. 
Erin Wu
Erin Wu Undergraduate Student
Major: B.S., Biophysics
From: Vancouver, British Columbia
I study how bacterial mutations that affect resistance to chemokines also affect resistance to other antimicrobial peptides. I'm also trying to determine whether the presence or absence of oxygen affects the killing ability of chemokines.
Brett Schacterle
Brett Schacterle Undergraduate Student
Major: B.S., Microbiology
From: Vancouver, WA
Analyzing the interaction of antimicrobial chemokine CCL28 with beta-lactam antibiotics. 
Shea Sullivan
Shea Sullivan Undergraduate Student
Major: B.S., Microbiology
From: Gilbert, Arizona
In the lab I am determining whether Y. pseudotuberculosis mutants that are more sensitive to chemokines are less virulent in mice. I'm also seeing whether chemokines help or interfere with other antibiotics.
Tim Siebach
Tim Siebach Undergraduate Student
Major: B.S., Microbiology
From: Naperville, Illinois
Studying extracellular traps in wax moth larvae to examine the potential use as a model for testing.
Sam Swenson
Sam Swenson Undergraduate Student
Major: B.S., Microbiology
From: Snohomish, WA
LPS modification genes and their role in resistance to chemokines
Dylan Hutchison
Dylan Hutchison Undergraduate Student
Major: B.S., Microbiology
From: Traverse City, MI
The effect of rfaH mutation on chemokine resistance and LPS production
Bailey Benson
Bailey Benson Undergraduate Student
Major: B.S., Molecular Biology
From: Lindon, UT
I am studying the reproduction of biofilm between different mutants of Y. pseudotuburculosis.